Puffy Eyes
Anti-Puffiness Under Eye Patches - 6 In Pack

Anti-Puffiness Under Eye Patches - 6 In Pack

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A personal favourite to alleviate puffiness under the delicate eye area.  These patches are infused with cucumber juice which helps to sooth any skin irritation you may be experiencing as well as to reduce swelling and that puffy, tired look. 

They are hydrogel patches which brighten and firm. The gel delivers treatment directly to the under eye area and the left over gel once removed should be gently massaged in to give even more nourishment. 

My under eye area loves this product. I particularly like the fact that they are so easy to use and that there is even some residue left over to be massaged in for extra benefits. Plus it's paraben free. Happy days. 

Directions Of Use: 

Apply to clean, dry skin directly under the eyes, leave for 20-25 minutes. Carefully remove patches and discard. Using the fingertips, lightly massage leftover essence until fully absorbed.